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Run Your Entire Business

Using One Data & AI Platform

Elevate beyond traditional BI & Analytics: Craft data
narratives for impactful insights.

Business Apps

Empower smarter decision-making with Domo’s low-code and pro-code apps, enabling seamless automation of business insights.

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BI & Analytics

Accelerate innovation and streamline processes, ensuring that your organization transforms data into actionable intelligence effortlessly.

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Data Foundation

Seamlessly integrate real-time data from any source to construct elevated data experiences.

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DOMO Analytics



Multiply Impact Throughout Your Business

An operating system for your business.

Enhance the true value of every team within your organization

Our unique user-centric strategy guarantees simplicity for all users, while also providing advanced capabilities for technical teams to swiftly meet business requirements

Integrate data seamlessly into your business strategy

Our Domo solutions foster a culture of
curiosity, enabling intelligent, swift, and
transformative actions driven by data

What is Domo?

Discover Domo, an all-encompassing platform that seamlessly integrates data, visualization, app development, security, and governance. Harness the power of customizable, real-time, interactive dashboards that anyone can effortlessly create. Hosted in the cloud, Domo interfaces seamlessly with data from various systems and cloud data warehouses. With built-in data governance, precise user permissions, and robust data security and compliance, Domo empowers you to create apps using both low-code and pro-code tools. Elevate your data experience with this comprehensive solution.

Why Domo?

Domo’s platform leverages machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to turn data into actionable insights. The AI Service Layer enhances generative AI usage, focusing on scalability, security, and business value.

Domo’s comprehensive end-to-end connected data stack enables automated workflows, alert-triggered actions, and application development. Its low-code and no-code solutions democratize AI, making it accessible to users of all technical levels.

Syntrinos’s Domo capabilities manage the entire AI model lifecycle, from creation to deployment, ensuring secure and efficient use across the organization. This empowers business users to integrate AI seamlessly and enhance decision-making.


ROI over 3 years

in increased revenue

payback period

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Domo Execution Credits

Unlock the full power of Domo’s BI platform with our Executive Credits model. With pay-as-you-go pricing, your team gets unlimited users and full access to all features without any hassle.

Data Ingest

1 Credit per table created/updated

Easily integrate your data into the Domo Platform using connectors, file uploads, APIs, and more. Each time you add, replace, delete, or update data, it costs 1 credit per table.

Dataflow-Magic ETL

1 Credit per output table created/updated

Experience the power of Domo’s Magic ETL v1 and v2. Streamline your data workflows with automation and intelligence for just 1 credit per output table.


3 Credit per output table created/updated

Boost your data workflows with Domo’s Adrenaline dataflows. Process large datasets and update tables for 3 credits each, maximizing performance and efficiency.

Data Written

1 Credit per table written

Easily send insights to external systems with our writebook process, using just 1 credit per table.

Dataflow-Redshift & MySQL

1 Credit per output table created/updated

Elevate your data processing with Domo’s integration with Redshift and MySQL. Each activity uses just 1 credit per output table created or updated.

Dataflow-Data Science

2 Credit per output table created/updated

Each execution of Magic ETL v1 and v2 with Data Science, R, or Python tiles unlocks advanced analytics and modelling, using 2 credits per output table.

How Execution Credits Works

  • Purchase a credit package tailored to your needs.
  • Utilize Domo’s features with confidence, knowing that credits are deducted only when you use them.
  • Easily monitor credit consumption through our built-in utilization report, ensuring transparency and control over your usage.

Looking to transform your data into actionable insights?

Elevate your business and achieve success with our cutting-edge BI and analytics solutions.

Looking to transform your data into actionable insights?

Elevate your business and achieve success with our cutting-edge BI and analytics solutions.

Create Your Free Account Now & Access It Forever

Fully Featured. Unlimited number of Users.
Only pay for what you use

Fully Featured. Unlimited number of Users. Only pay for what you use

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