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Fintech B2B Collections And Payments

SwiF is the Malaysian leading-edge B2B Fintech solution provider recognised and authorised by Bank Negara Malaysia. Our B2B digital collections and payment gateway, help you gain in simplicity, transparency and visibility across all your transactions.

Our B2B Collection & Payment Gateway

With our secure payment solution, collect payments anywhere, anytime. Facilitate both your online and on-ground business transactions. Accept a wide range of payment methods.

Our B2B Payment Link

Embed your personal payment link to your invoice, messages, website or social channels and never miss an opportunity to close a sale again.

Our B2B e-Wallet (Coming Soon)

The only B2B e-Wallet in Malaysia licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia. Accept payments and manage your expenses directly through your app.

Gain In Efficacy And Transparency Across All Your Financial Transactions.

Simplify and optimise your processes when you manage all your B2B payments in ADAMS Business Central.

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